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The possible profiles of lining «euro profile» and calm profile The length of aboard varies from 2 up to 4m The quality of lining is according to categories: AB. The humidity is 10-12% It is packed in the stretch wrap

The cladding (lining) is oriented for in/out finishing works. This construction material is a decorative board made of solid wood.
The euro/calm profile linings are very similar by the form and application. The principal difference consists in a profiles cavity flange, which is characterized for Euro profile lining. The lining calm profile hasnt in-depth place on the front face. The calm profile - one of the most popular types of buildings covering.

At the factory is manufactured the cladding from Siberian larch, pine. The wall coverings from species of wood are also available. In the manufacturing process the lining is carefully dried up in the drying sections and processed with new equipment by company WEINIG AG.

The cladding from Siberian larch doesn't require additional treatment, however if desired, can give any shade and color it. The euro profile lining from larch is characterized by the high resistance to putrefaction, the insect attack and the longevity. A long scale of tones of larch wood and warm colors, create the comfort and the healthy natural atmosphere.

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